Saturday, June 28, 2008


(Earn up to P5,ooo weekly)

I have been invited by a friend a couple of months ago, to attend a talk regarding a business club called THE ROYALE BUSINESS CLUB INTERNATIONAL INC . It is 100% Filipino owned corporation, managed by credible and trustworthy businessmen combined with experienced, aggressive, dynamic and successful industry leaders, with expertise in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Micro-business and Entrepreneurship.
This business has been a great help to me especially to others who had great passion in making their living better. Through this business, I have met several people who started with nothing but in less than a year of doing the business, were able to purchase their own cars. Not just simply cars, but DREAM CARS. A friend of mine was able to buy a brand new bmw Z3 just by having this business as his part time job. I was amzed on how he and all the other members gave all their trust to the company. And in return for that trust, the company helped them have great income. And because of these people, I got really inspired and became optimistic to the great opportunity given to me. After hearing the benefits and priveleges given when you're a club member, I got so decided to be a part of the company.
I already started earning money through this business. When I got my first check, I became more motivated to continue the business. It wasn't really a big amount but still i very glad knowing the fact that I'm only 17 yet i was already able to make money without having a hard time earning it. Plus, it is a perfect part time job for students like me because this is not employment and you would nbot have to spend so much time in the office. 2-3 hrs. max weekly will do. Thanks to royale because i will already be able to purchase anything I want without having to ask anything from my parents.
This business just requires patience, trust and commitment.

If you guys are interested, visit our website.

And if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message in my e-mail. Ill respond as soon as possible. Or you can leave me your conatact num. so we could communicate better in lieu of e-mailing.Here's my add:

"Helping people is our way of life."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

21st Monthsary!

I cant believe we'vce lasted this long. We've been through lots of ups and downs and yet we're still together and even having a stronger realtionship.
Yesterday, right after school, i went home straight and started frshend up and prepared myself as fast as i could. After doing so, i took a public vehicle heading near honey's place. We took a walk and started chatting about how our relationship has been doing. That night, he never failed telling me sweet words. I felt like i was melting because everytime he says something sweet, he'd always stare to my eyes and hold my hand gently and lovingly to show his sincerity. We we're both so happy since God has been with us for 21 months. I believe we'll make a perfect couple in HIS perfect time.
The feeling I had when my honey was expressing his love for me was really elusive. His torrid love for me was overt. I may not be as sweet as he is but in my own little way, I would want to express my love in a very exquisite manner. Even though we have not prepared much for this very specal day, our presence to one another lavished with ardent love was greater than the best i could ever imagine. But ofcourse, i wouldn't allow it not to have a celebration for this. Maybe this coming tuesday, I'll surprise him with a romantic dinner and give him a present. :)

HELP ME COME UP WITH A ROMANTIC PLAN FRIENDS! Any suggestion will do and will be much appreciated.:)



College life is totaly different from high school life. From little things, like the white board, which back in high school was a chalk board, to big things such as schedules, professors and blockmates.
Being in high school was a lot of fun. Then soon i realized that being in college was even better. Everything is great in college, except the responsibility we must carry. I made a list of the differences of high school from college.


-short break time -long break time

-no cellphones/texting in class - yes to cellphones as long as it does not distract

-chalk board -white board

-can't leave the campus -can go anywhere, anytime

-must always behave - can go wild!

-seating arrangement - no seat plan most of the time.:)

-can be absent often - 7 absences, then drop

-strict with school shoes -anything under the sun

-NO CLASSES when there is storm.:) -still have classes even if there is heavy rain. :(

well, i guess this is enough, but i believe there's more. If there's something you'd want to add, feel free to post it through comment.:) haha.


have a nice day PEOPLE!:)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Incredible Honey

Last June 13, Friday, after school, honey and i decided to watch THE INCREDIBLE HULK at Robinson's movie theater. It was alloted as our time to relax and spend quality time with one another after getting too problematic the whole month. We sure had fun and was able to relax and unwind. We both find a movie theater a great place for relaxation and enjoyment because of the ambiance and very comfy chairs. Anyway, I brought with me little gifts for my honey to make up with my being "selfish" attitude towards him. It was actually also my surprise for him. I love giving and buying him things because my heart smiles every time i see him smile. And i got overjoyed when I saw the look on his face showing how he loved my gifts! :)
He always amazes me everytime he eats. I have no idea where he puts it. HE IS SO INCREDIBLE! BEfore we went to the movie, i bought him 2 slices of pizza from pizza hut and a BIG MAC from Mc Donalds with large fries and orange juice. I thought he would not be able to finish it, but he actually did. He's myincredible honey. I am so inlove and so amzaed with him. ANYWAY....
During the movie, since we've missed each other a lot, we were hugging one another while watching. He kept kissing me all over my face and also my hand. He's so adorable. And every once in a while, i leer at his face and keep reminding myself how blessed i am to have him as my fiance. I am so proud to have him in my life. A great singer and dancer!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Gone are the Days of Playing and Having Fun!

It's been a while since i last blogged about certain events. I got too preoccupied with a lot of stuff such as processing my school requirements, enrolling and shopping for things i need for school. anyway,...

Yesterday was my first day at school as a college nursing student. It was pretty scary at first 'cause I'm not used of having boys inside one classroom since i graduated from an exclusive school. It wasn't really that of a shock though since i studied at la salle back in my fresheman and sophomore years. Anyway, going back, not only my classmates made me frightened but also our professors. I've heard that most of them are strict and hard to please. But i shouldn't get myself get carried away.

When I stepped inside the campus, i finally got relieved. The higher batch of the College of Nursing gave us a very warm welcome. When i got on my seat, there was only one thing that kept running inside my head- how will i ever make friends with these prople? They can't even speak up to say "hi". So i decided to shut my mouth as well. It was a 4-hour programme and until now, i can't believe i have not spoken for that long. It was a nice programme but still, the dull moment had it's spotlight. For that reason, our batch got so bored which made us totally serene that no one even dared to ask something during the open forum.

Anyway, after the programme, as we were marching out from the conference hall, few people gathered around us and started giving out drum rolls. It felt so good to be welcomed lovingly. We then proceeded to our classrooms. To our surprise, our thoughtful and caring ates and kuyas served us lunch on our seats while entertaining us. They were really cool and funny. We had a getting-to-know-you activity, and it was awesome. Anyways, after eating, the volunteers gave us a tour around the campus and settled at St. Mauri's Hall. There, we had games such as relay, volley ball and amazing race. And as a member of I-CCN, I proudly acknowledge our team work for winning ALL the games! :) I really had fun even if it was tiresome. Everything was so worth it. I've met a lot of new friends and was able to interact with students from other sections. Im starting to love college. I am so looking forward to our regular school days. I really cant wait.

And oh, there's one thing that made me really excited to be in 2nd year. Our batch will start our duties to the hospital next year! And not just ordinary duties. We were given the opportunity to assist in child delivery. :) it's so so fun! :) but having 28 units per sem makes it not. But i can sense it that i will enjoy this semester. I have to make the most out of my first year. And i have to cut-off most of my extra-curricular activties to be able to focus on my studies well.


So to all who are undecided in taking up nursing, make up your mind! You wouldn't want to miss enjoying this very wonderful world of medicine.:)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Electric power of LOVE :)

Love is so unexplainable yet so fantastic ! :)

**words are elusive in defining love,, but for these people,, it's a piece of cake. they're so amazing.:)

Love, whether it strikes at sixteen or sixty always brings with it a rush that is hard to capture in words. Despite this, many authors, writers, and celebrities have tried to express the magic of new love. Here are some "new love" quotes that represent attempts to articulate the experience of new love.

Friedrich Nietzsche
There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

D. H. Lawrence
I am in love - and, my God, it is the greatest thing that can happen to a man. I tell you, find a woman you can fall in love with. Do it. Let yourself fall in love. If you have not done so already, you are wasting your life.

Antoine de Saint, Exupery
Perhaps love is the process of my gently leading you back to yourself.

Alice Walker
I have learned not to worry about love; But to honor its coming with all my heart.

Soren Kierkegaard
Don't forget to love yourself.

Fred Allen
It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals.

A good marriage is like a casserole, only those responsible for it really know what goes in it.

Reinhold Niebuhr
Forgiveness is the final form of love.

Peter Ustinov
Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.

Marcus Aurelius
Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

jollibee food chain

It's been a while since i last ate a meal in Jollibee. And this is why I got so excited earlier when my uncle asked us to eat snack there so i could also observe their service since i haven't done it for quite a long time. We were too exhausted since we went shopping that's why we were all expecting a nice service. But surprisingly, we got shocked when we saw the serving size of their products. They were too small but were so overpriced. I understand why they had to increase the price since the economy isn't getting any better. But they should never reduce the size of their products. They're being too greedy. Yes, they have been successful for years but they shouldn't take advantage of it. For them to continue their success, they should be pocket friendly too. Serving a great taste of food isn't enough. It takes a good quality of service and a satisfactory food. They should come up of a better and improved business plan, and focus on their feasibility studies to continue the success they're having and prevent the loss of customers.